About us

It's a European story about a friendly Hungarian developer and an affable Brit designer with a shared love of technology and creativity. Two kindred spirits on a mission, punching above their weight and writing love notes to the future web.


Our story

We came together and set up Seedr Creative in 2010 because of a shared love of technology and believe that at its best it can truly empower people and change the way people live their lives and do business. We love creating great user experiences and get a buzz out of seeing our products being used by people.

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Bence Árpási
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Steve Morris
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Personal Twitter: @mozbloke

Where we're at

With the two of us being in different countries we know it what it takes to make remote working successful. We work on site for clients and from our offices in Budapest and London.

Wherever you are we'll work in close collaboration with you, but we always love to meet in person.