5 reasons your web site could be losing you business

MAR 12

Taking care of your web site is good for business. Your users expect a great experience wherever they connect with you.

Written by Steve Morris

5 reasons your web site could be losing you business

 5 reasons your web site could be losing you business

A business web site is a valuable business asset and revenue generator. Here's a few pitfalls to avoid and some pointers on getting the most from your online presence.

Mobile optimisation 
Optimising for different devices is a very big deal. People spend more time using the internet on smartphones and they're doing more than just reading emails and using Twitter. Google's research suggests that 40% of smartphone users have turned to a competitor web site after a bad mobile experience. 
See the Seedr Resources on Mobile Optimisation

Personality and branding 
Branding is more than a logo. It's your chance to show what you stand for, it's vital to create an authentic and professional experience that mirrors how your business acts and behaves across all touch points. 
Slideshare: Getting some personality into your web site

User experience 
A poor user experience can lose you customers. If you're selling products online it's critical, but even if your goal is to generate leads or raise brand awareness a web site that's difficult to navigate around will have prospects heading elsewhere in frustration. 
Slideshare: Getting some personality into your web site

Confused conversions 
What's the goal of your web site? You'll need to know and be clear about it in order to design a successful web site that drives your business forward—and to measure success (and return on investment) you need to know what you're trying to achieve.

Bad content 
Web content is like a bridge, supporting your visitors and helping them get to where they want to go. Finding information, understanding what you offer, buying products and more. Throwing in a lot of content for the sake of it is likely to confuse a prospective customer. You need to understand the needs of your audience and provide valuable content that addresses those needs. 
Blog post: Content as a strategic business asset. 

If you'd like to know more about creating a successful web site strategy for your business then please get in touch.

Written by Steve Morris on March 12, 2013

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