What's worse than not giving a shit?

MAY 31

So what's worse than not giving a shit? Pretending to give a shit.

Written by Steve Morris

What's worse than not giving a shit?

So what's worse than not giving a shit? Pretending to give a shit.

Yesterday I read this by Velocity about giving a shit. It's great, you really should read it. So think of this as an homage—or at best an adjunct to that piece.

On one corporate web site today I found three examples of a company barely pretending to give a shit.

1. Latest blog post! 12 months ago. 
2. Join us on LinkedIn! Deactivated group 
3. We're on Twitter! Goes to twitter.com 

So even if they do give a shit it makes me think they don't. And if they didn't give a shit but they blogged regularly and gave due care and attention to their web site and those other channels would that necessarily mean they really gave a shit? No, but it might be a useful clue.

Once people find out that you're just pretending to give a shit about what your customers give a shit about then the shit might be heading towards the fan.

Written by Steve Morris on May 31, 2013

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