Thinking and behaving like a brand

OCT 21

Your brand is a promise, an expectation, an emotional connection, a bond of trust. It should be unique and you should always deliver on it.

Written by Steve Morris

Thinking and behaving like a brand

At Fortune West (like here at Seedr) we talk a lot about the importance of thinking and behaving like a brand. This can be especially hard to grasp for the 'micro business' or an owner/manager/inventor who might think of themselves as a lone hero relying on word of mouth and focussing on 'hand selling' to new clients. There are clear advantages to behaving like a brand (being memorable, amplifying word of mouth etc) so here's a few pointers to help smaller businesses start behaving like brands.

Understanding a brand 
At the risk of stating the very obvious, a logo is not a brand. It's representation, part of the visual language of a brand. Your brand is a promise, an expectation, an emotional connection, a bond of trust. It should be unique and you should always deliver on it.

Name it and Frame it 
The name of your company or even the URL is not your product or service. You should always make it easy for people to buy from you. We offer technical support for web sites we design and simply named it 'SeedrCare', this allowed clients to easily understand what they are getting and to clearly show the value of the service.

What are you selling? 
Coca-Cola may appear to sell a sugary soft drink, but that's not really what you are buying.Take a look at their mission and values, when you choose the iconic red logo you are buying a small part of a rich heritage of sharing, optimism and fun.

Stand for something 
It's easy to buy from a business that stands for something. Whether that's making using a computer easy and fun, or a place where you can buy anything online, or a car manufacturer that is synonymous with class, performance and style, you can learn something from the big brands. Becoming famous in your own niche for something makes you easier to find, builds trust and strengthens relationships.

Check the consistency 
Customers expect an experience. Think of the famous brands: when you buy something from Apple you get an experience, from the moment you step into an Apple Store to the time you unpack the product and way beyond. Wherever you interact with customers, on your web site, in your promotional content, at a meeting or event and on the telephone you should deliver a consistent experience.

Right thoughts, right actions 
Brand values aren't just something for bigger business. By thinking and behaving like a brand you can bring prospects towards you and turn customers into advocates.

Written by Steve Morris on October 21, 2013

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