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Thinking and behaving like a brand

OCT 21
Your brand is a promise, an expectation, an emotional connection, a bond of trust. It should be unique and you should always deliver on it.

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The Flat Web Design thing is not a new (less shiny) silver bullet

SEP 11
The Flat Design 'trend' has now become almost ubiquitous in web design circles, and now it's seeping into the mainstream.

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What social media needs is gourmet content

SEP 10
What social channels need is content. They're ravenous for the stuff, but it's not any old content, it likes the really good stuff. The well-prepared, wholesome and nutritious content. The gourmet stuff.

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What's worse than not giving a shit?

MAY 31
So what's worse than not giving a shit? Pretending to give a shit.

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5 reasons your web site could be losing you business

MAR 12
Taking care of your web site is good for business. Your users expect a great experience wherever they connect with you.

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Putting some heart and soul into web sites

FEB 28
Despite the rise of social marketing and the use of other people's platforms to have conversations I think a company web site remains incredibly important. It's the one place you can present your core messages and content in the way you want to.

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What to do with your web site in a multi-device world

FEB 18
Whether you decide to go down the route of Responsive, mobile site or native app there is no right or wrong answer. It's a decision that should be determined by carefully looking at the goals and objectives of a business, the resources available to that business and of course the all-important needs of your customers.

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Designing for the web starts with user needs

JAN 09
Understanding the needs of your audience is the first step to building successful web sites.

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Designing better web sites in 2013

JAN 02
Ultimately 2013 will continue to be about about designing for clients with their users at the front of our considerations but also working better together with those clients to forge a clear path to a successful and happy new year!

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7 essential tools for the small business

DEC 16
Running a small business involves doing a lot of different things. Here's a selection of the tools that we use to help us run our business smoothly and efficiently.

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