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Speed, insight and real value

Ignition helps you establish viability, minimise risk and eliminate waste before you launch your digital product. It's a service where we help you and your teams get something in front of your users fast so you can learn what works, what's viable and what is worth taking to the launchpad. Ignition is collaborative process that gives you the valuable insight you need before embarking on your software project.

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The ideation process

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'How Might We?'

The initial discovery phase is about understanding the problem, doing the research. Once we're there we can explore the possible by asking ask 'How Might We?'.

Prototypes you can learn from

Close user engagement is the goal, often with sketches on paper initially to observe and get feedback quickly; moving fast is key here. We build whatever is needed to get useful test data depending on the project: from wireframes to sophisticated browser prototypes or 'click dummies'.

Focus and Refine

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Test and experiment to minimise risk

Experimentation at this stage is vital. Develop more than one prototype and then narrow the options down in order to increase chances of success and further minimise the risk. These prototypes should only as sophisticated as you need them to be to get the idea over to your stakeholders and prove the core concepts. We'll help you prove viability and establish a business case to take your product to the next level.

Apha pilot

Proceed with confidence

A 'pilot' or alpha phase allows you to do further adjustments, tests and validation before you are ready to go the next phase and build out an integrated fully functional product that's ready for launch.

Getting ready to launch

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On the Launchpad and ready to go? We can help you send your product into orbit too; our technology partners have years of experience in delivering fully integrated applications with the emphasis on scale, pace and performance. And our strong background in design and marketing means we can help you support your product on the journey.

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